i was recently at an art show in downtown Seattle at Makers, and was fortunate to get to talking with Jess Marie Griffith, owner and creator at Pine & Boon .. she runs a "small studio in Seattle where she sews, paints, sculpts, and collaborates.  In 2013 she launched Pine & Boon, offering her handmade bag and textile designs.  Her work is informed by raw intuition, utilitarian construction, and artful details"

its so encouraging to meet a fellow former Anthropologie employee who is creating amazing work in the Seattle area on her own .. i feel like one of the hardest parts about being an artist and creating/branding yourself, is doing it on your own .. we spoke of the importance of having others around you that you can collaborate with and create a dialogue. even when you are a solo artist, having those other voices can be key.

here are some of Jess' pieces she has for sale - i am lusting over the leather and copper cross-body bag!