adventures in scottsdale

this past march, mikey and i packed our bags once again for a week in scottsdale, arizona for a much needed vacation consisting of baseball, sunshine and family time .. its really fun to now have a two year old in the mix - fun and exhausting :) luckily, we had a pretty good ratio of ten adults to one child, so we were able to take shifts with the little guy to keep him occupied!

we were able to see the Giants only once in their home stadium, because, being so totally awesome, the Giants have this problem of selling out their home spring training games for ridiculous prices, like $60 to sit on the back lawn?!! for spring training?!! so the trick is, go see them when they're playing away, at another teams home park, because you can then sit on the third base line for $15 and watch them warm up right next to you ..

so, my husband is kind of the sweetest thing ever .. knowing my love of live music, he secretly got us tickets to Kings of Leon in Phoenix and totally surprised me the day before the concert! i've never been able to see them in Seattle, and they have been at the top of my list of bands to see live .. they were so worth the wait! their sound was amazing, they played a ton of their really early songs, and they played for two hours .. it was such a thoughtful and sweet gift - i really have a good man here :)

here's a few highlights from the trip .. one thing you'll notice - arizona has some insanely gorgeous sunsets!