jewelry fit for a queen

i am so in love with game of thrones .. i've been reading the books and am almost done with the most recent one, number 5 - not a light read, i'll tell you :) its always a joy to find two mediums of the same story that can equally stand on their own - the way the game of thrones series does .. for the third season of the show, one of my favorites, Danerys, has been wearing these amazing dragonbone-esque pieces necklaces, so of course i tried to find something similar  .. the costumer does a good job of with her wardrobe, playing with hard and soft - feminine but strong, as she is a khaleesi (queen), yet still a girl ..   these necklaces help remind everyone of her strength, after all, she is the mother of dragons ..

here's a few pieces i've found that are a bit similar..

these necklaces are from free people and etsy, respectively .. 

image source 1, 2, 3