adventures in Plain // Leavenworth

i love being able to go home - home/home, to my parents house, the house i grew up in .. it feels like such a rarity in these days, being able to walk the same halls you did when you were five years old.  to have that grounding, somewhere to go when i feel out of place -  a place where i belong .. it truly is a blessing ..

while i was on this trip home to Plain/Leavenworth, i was able to volunteer for a week of theater camp, through Upper Valley Connection, for the second year .. there were over 40 participants this year, which was quite a bit more than last year! even though the additions made it more crowded, it was pretty cool to see UVC being such a big draw for people from all over the state .. a video highlighting the week is coming soon!

i love that being home also means having adventures with my neice, Vylet, who is seven years old already! i love the conversations we have, how she's more grown-up every time i see her .. i love being able to practice  photography with her, she's becoming more comfortable  with me always snapping pictures of her .. its amazing to see Vylet become sich a creative little girl! while going for a walk in the woods, we created some amazing photos ..

Being home also allows me to spend much needed quality time with my friends from childhood and now THEIR children - boys, all boys! These ladies would have been great matches for royalty, with their ability to produce male heirs :) much love to Jennifer and Jaimi for still being there for me and allowing me to be a part of their families lives - I love you girls!