travel snapshots from scottsdale

i'm learning that the more i travel, the more open i am to seeing new things. i like being open to the inspiration a new place can bring. to be honest, the thought of going to scottsdale, arizona didn't sound like the most fun prospect in the world, however, i was pretty excited about seeing a new element to the game of Baseball, since my husband loves it so much. Every year, from the months of February to April, Scottsdale is home to Spring Training for the San Francisco Giants. what's not to love about 80 degree sunny days, sitting in the grass with a cold beverage, and enjoying some baseball games?!! i have to say, it was way more fun than expected! We were lucky enough to stay right in the heart of Scottsdale and didn't need a car to get around, which enables you to see so much more! There is a pretty great arts district right next to old town Scottsdale, which was great to wander through. 

The Pink Pony in Scottsdale - great for a drink after the game

The Arrogant Butcher in Phoenix - great title :)

The San Francisco Giants are my husband's favorite team, and have now become MY favorite can you not love long-haired UW alum Tim Lincecum (above, pitching) and team mate Brandon Belt, aka the baby Giraffe?!!

We tried spying on some players and sports writers at the famous Don and Charlie's, but we failed :( In the waiting area, there is a museum-worthy collection of sports memorabilia for you to enjoy. 

Scottsdale is a great city to walk. we didn't need a car, or a coat, which was really nice. the arts district has lots to look at and good places to eat.