the city of roses

weekend trips with friends are the best. taking time to stop, relax, and enjoy the people in your life should be treated like a gift.  portland is a great city to explore on foot..lots of good places to eat, unique scenery and fun shops. with friends in town visiting from Miami, where better to take a spontaneous road-trip than the city of Roses!

we checked out Ringler's Annex, which had a great vibe in the downstairs pub friend that used to live in London said the pub reminded her of pubs there.

we at at Kenny & Zuke's for sunday brunch, which had a bit of a wait, but it was worth it. the staff was friendly and efficient, considering how busy it was. 

 we made sure to see some staples, like Deschutes brewery and Powell's books, which is the largest new and used independently owned bookstore in the world.

one place i had been just dying to see in portland was the bed and breakfast The Lion and the Rose. It was featured on the real-life fairy-tale show Grimm (which i love) and i wanted to see it in person. it was really beautiful but creepy, at the same time, which was awesome .. kind of like the bed in breakfast the parks department stayed at when they tried to go camping together because Leslie couldn't come up with a new idea after the harvest festival and Tom was tivo-ing Cupcake Wars and it drained all the power so they had to stay at the creepy bed and breakfast  :) if i hadn't had my wedding already, i may have just chosen this place.