Austin Scarlett was robbed

if you know me, you know that i am a HUGE fan of Project Runway, I was insanely happy that my two favorites, Austin and Mondo, were the top 2 contenders, as this never seems to happen (i'm bad at picking winners) HOWEVER, in the past few episodes of the season, Mondo had such a terrible attitude and was incredibly bitchy towards the other designers, a side of him not previously shown. Maybe he was always like that, but it really threw me off, and i started secretly praying for Austin Scarlett to take the top prize. He evokes whimsy, imagination, and is just himself inspiring to watch create. His final runway collection wasn't quite as cohesive as Mondo's, but the craftsmanship, detail and effort put into each and every piece was amazing! That wedding dress! It made me say out loud "i want to wear that dress"..too bad i missed being able to wear it by about 6 months *sigh*
So, it is my belief that Austin was robbed of the title. Seriously, look at this dress! so romantic!