a new year, a new you

to be honest, i'm quite happy for the holidays to be over. with a new year starting, it's like opening up a new chapter of life, and your book is what you make it. this year i've decided to make some resolutions that i will stick to. life is comprised of the choices you make, and this year i am choosing to accomplish the following goals:
1. get my etsy business up and running
2. take a ballet class
3. find an internship
4. take a photography class
5. see a movie at the Fremont outdoor cinema (not a big goal, but i mean to go every year, and still haven't gone!)
6. sing kareoke (i love singing, but have terrible stage fright, and hate when people look at me, so this is harder than it seems)
7. get my wedding story published
8. try something new (completely new)
9. make my blog more of a priority
10. go on a grand adventure (the more spontaneous, the better)

and of course, there's always the standard get-in-better-shape one, but that is a continual process, not so much a new resolution. i feel these goals are totally achievable..if you don't push yourself to accomplish what you want, you'll never change

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