Sechelt weekend

This year marked my fourth consecutive year at my fiance's family cabin up on the Sunshine Coast in Canada. As usual, there was copious amounts of sun, family, beer pong tournaments, great food, and birthday festivities for cousin Sterlz :)
This year, we finally caught the classic car show, with some really sweet old cars..the boys made a margarita station to entice the cars to "light it up", but sadly, none would comply, as they would get fined :( 
I did, however, miss the best day for boating and water skiing while working on decorations for the wedding, but maybe its for the best.. i've only tried it up for a few minutes, and i've never tried again. i like my perfect record..
if you've never tried "Fireball", consider yourself lucky..its strangely addicting...
all in all, an awesome weekend with some amazing happy we get to all be together again in a few weeks!