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hi, i'm mariya.

from a young age, i've always been drawn to photographs. i could sit for hours looking through the intricately hand-crafted photo albums of my childhood that my mother made. i'm drawn to creating moments, and being a keeper of memories. i love taking pictures to create and preserve, and to capture what can't be put into words.

i strive to create, whether that be through photos or crafting with my hands. with my esty shop, dream like trees, i've been able to explore and express my crafting side.  a few of those pieces are listed in my store section, but you can always find more on etsy.  i love collaborating on ideas and creating custom designs for people,  i encourage you to contact me with any inquiries.  

for a little more insight into my wandering mind, these are a few of my favorite things:

the San Francisco Giants, my husband Mikey and son Miles

Parks and Recreation, my cat Sydney Bristow, pretty dresses

creating playlists, musicals, singing like no one is listening

a house full of plants, the changing seasons, the PNW

Paris, lavender, lace